Stunning Diy Beach Home Decorating Ideas 17
Stunning Diy Beach Home Decorating Ideas 17

30+ Stunning Diy Beach Home Decorating Ideas

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So many boring interior design articles are available to be read, but who reads articles that state the obvious? This article is different from those because explaining that color is important in interior design is just too obvious to include in an article meant to inform – so instead we’ll talk about unusual art that will create space as unique as you are.

This article is about how you can transform your home and office interiors by thinking differently, taking risks and allowing meaning to lead the way. Unusual artwork is available to all those who are willing to take the time to explore and value what is unique and meaningful about their lives and who are also daring enough to create art with what meaning is found through that process – these include creating unusual interior design by using imagination and first-hand art experiences to display OoMS in your rooms.

What is an OoM? An OoM is an Object of Meaning – it’s a visual, physical object that represents something significant to its owner. This may include an object that is symbolic of something you love, such as a waterfall or some other aspect of nature, or this may be something like your Grandpa’s cuff links, your Grandma’s brooch, a plastic dinosaur you found on the beach in the Hamptons that unforgettable weekend, or perhaps a piece of rope you found with your gypsy friend on a beach across the Atlantic, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

These OoMs are fun to incorporate into artwork and interior design as they infuse your physical surroundings with your story, with the meaning you have found as you wandered the planet, providing evidence of the miraculous and surprising events of your unique journey.