Attractive Mid Century Decor Ideas For Living Room 48
Attractive Mid Century Decor Ideas For Living Room 48

30+ Attractive Mid Century Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Most of the mid-century homes were built on the same period as the period of the national highway system, which means that these houses were located at the suburbs with districts full of schools, carports and garages. The lifestyle offered by these homes is very attractive to the buyers.

The layouts of the house are open which his ideal for party gathering and relaxation Mid-century homes had rooflines consisting of multiple gables. The planning was original and consistent; the slopes were mostly flat, or two gables joining at the middle, which is called the “butterfly” style. Spirit level architecture was incorporated in the mid-century homes, or there used to be some occasional “sunken” areas, as if a game between the “upstairs” and” downstairs” which is an old custom.

They had open floors in the indoors which used to be surrounded by a living space, an entertainment space, or a dining space, and the hallways which led to the bedrooms were narrow. The boundary between the indoors and the outdoors were blurred by the best of the windows fitted by glass which filtered the sunlight- this is where the people grew fond of the outdoors. Having carports and garages, mid-century homes celebrated the mobility, which is called the American mobility.

American technology was also celebrated by the incorporation of newer building materials. Floor to ceiling windows used to prevail in the one-storied rooms with multiple outdoor entries. These houses had decorated ponds and pools, which gave them an easy feel. “Dwell effect” is the term coined by some real estate agents, which talks about the growing popularity of these homes among the buyers. Owners of real estates say that more than 75% of the calls that they get are from the out of town buyers who are interested in buying mid-century homes.